For over 25 years, The EMC3 Group has sold/supported high technology equipment and materials to process engineers throughout Florida. Below are the products we represent!

The EMC3 Group:
Our Product Lines

Current SMT and Semiconductor Product and Material Lines:

American Hakko Products Logo

American Haako Products

American Haako Products, Inc., provides specialty soldering irons, SMD rework, desoldering, and smoke absorption equipment. They offer closed-loop soldering systems with long tip life & rapid thermal recovery.



Assembly Systems - DEK is a market leader of SMT printers that elevate the level of integration and automation on the production floor for true integrated production operational software and optimum flexibility.



Assembly Systems "E by SIPLACE" are mid-range pick & place systems with 5 platforms. They include linear drive, vision systems, excellent operational software and optimal production flexibility.

BTU Logo

BTU International

BTU International supplies thermal processing systems for the SMT, nuclear fuel, and solar cell industries, as well as custom solutions for thermal applications requiring high temperatures and precise atmosphere control.

CHP Tools

CHP Tools

Makers of high quality assemby hand tools, torque drivers, torque testers and ESD products.

Excelta Logo

Excelta Corporation

Excelta Corporation supplies precision hand tools for electronics assembly and manufacturing applications; such as tweezers, forceps, custom tools, and a broad range of brushes, probes, scissors, optics and vacuum pick-up tools.

Indium Corporation Logo

Indium Corporation

Supplier of electronics assembly materials - solder pastes, solder preforms, fluxes, Pb-Free solder alloys, underfill materials, die-attach materials, and more. The leading supplier of commercial grade and high-purity indium.

Nordson Logo

NCAB Group

NCAB is the largest bare-board and supply chain management company in the world. It offers CAM design engineering, boards for prototype and high volume applications and on-site NCAB IPC inspectors for offshore partners.

Asymtek Nordson Logo


Closed-loop, positive displacement pump dispensing systems for underfill, encapsulation, solder pastes, solder masks, adhesives, CA, and RTV. Greater shot size accuracy & higher speeds through non-contact jetting technology.

Nordson Logo

Nordson - Sealant Equipment

Nordson is a leading sealant and adhesive dispensing equipment manufacturer. We offer a wide array of sealant and adhesive dispensing equipment and support applications such as potting, gasketing, bonding, encapsulation and sealing.

Nutek Logo


Design and manufacture competitively-priced loaders, conveyors, inverters, board magazine, and stacker/de-stackers. They also design and manufacture laser marking equipment that eliminate the need for labels.

Pillarhouse Logo

Pillarhouse International

Offers lead-free compatible selective solder systems - from manual loading machines to high-volume systems. Unique features include jet wave, fiducial recognition, height mapping, and offline programming.

Quik-Tool Logo


Quik-Tool designs and manufactures innovative automatic board supports for printers, placement systems, etc. Their unique systems eliminate the need for high priced tooling.

Seica USA

Seica USA

Flying probe in-circuit/functional test and laser soldering solutions. The Pilot is a vertical flying probe system for heavy boards with warpage problems. The Seica laser soldering system works well in virtually any application.

Technical Devices Company Logo

Technical Devices Company

Technical Devices Company designs and manufacturers aqueous batch cleaners, in-line aqueous cleaners, DI water treatment systems and wave soldering machines for SMT and semiconductor applications.

Sovella USA Logo


Treston manufacturers industrial furniture such as workstations, shelving/cabinets, drawer units, manual assembly lines, trolleys, standard/ESD safe storage systems and flow racks for various industries.

Yxlon Fein Focus Logo

VJ Electronix

VJ provides Rework and X-Ray counting solutions. Rework applications include small micro passive 01005s to challenging CCGAs. The X-Quik II utilizes X-Ray to count components on 7” to 15”, up to 4-7” reels at a time.

Yxlon Fein Focus Logo


X-ray solutions for manual, semi-automatic, & automatic monitoring of manufacturing using microfocus Computed Tomography (µCT), & inspection systems for rework/repair, R&D, QA, process control, & failure analysis.