The SMT and Semiconductor products we sell at The EMC3 Group are intended to make your job easier - by making your production operation run smoother and with high yield.

About Us

Who We Are:

The EMC3 Group is Florida's leading SMT and semiconductor equipment sales company. Founded in 1990, we cover the entire State of Florida. We specialize in helping you select the best SMT and semiconductor assembly equipment, solder rework systems and materials. We partner with the top electronic equipment, production tool, and consumable products manufacturers. You can sleep at night knowing that the equipment and materials we offer will work just as intended!

The EMC3 Group focuses on building strong relationships with the people (like you) that we service and the people/products we represent. Our current product line representation time is over 8 years, and we have represented several companies for over 20 years. Few sales representative companies/firms can say this about their product lines or their clients.

Our current lines include everything from high-end, high-throughput SMT production equipment, specialized manufacturing materials and SMT prototyping and repair products. In addition, we offer ESD products, localized soldering equipment (Hakko), fluxes/solder wire (Indium), hand tools, torque controlled drivers, inspection lighting, customized work benches and more...

Founder Biography:

Ed Corson earned his BS in Physics from Georgia Tech in 1978. He worked for Quad Systems as Southeast Regional Sales Manager and introduced their first SMT placement equipment line to the southeast region of the U.S. He founded The EMC3 Group in 1990.

Mission Statement:

The EMC3 Group's mission is to provide world-class manufacturing solutions to the electronics assembly industry. The EMC3 Group is a leading SMT and Semiconductor manufacturer's representative organization that provides sales and support services for SMT/hybrid assembly equipment, tools, and supplies to electronics manufacturers. It's our vision to be the best manufacturer’s representative organization in North America.