#1 in SMT Sales & Service in Florida & the Caribbean

We provide the best SMT products, materials and service for circuit assemblers in Florida, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. To the right are just a few of the product lines we offer. Click the "view portfolio" button to see all the products we represent.


We're Here to Provide The SMT and Semiconductor Products and Service You Need!

The EMC3 Group is an world-class electronics sales and service company serving Florida, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. We sell only the best new and used SMT, semiconductor equipment related materials in order to provide the best range of manufacturing application and service for our customers. To achieve this, we only work with the best companies throughout the world.

The EMC3 Group has been in business for over 25 years, and has become one of the top-5 sales firms in the United States. Unlike other sales firms, we possess scientific and engineering experience - just like you! This enables us to better understand your needs, and recommend intelligent product solutions. We want you to purchase exactly what YOU need - nothing more and nothing less. The EMC3 Group services Florida and the Caribbean regions.

See for yourself how partnering with us can help you "cost-effectively" solve all your manufacturing challenges well within your budget! Like thousands of our new and existing clients, you won't be disappointed!

What Makes Us Your Best Products, Materials & Service Provider?

The EMC3 Group is uniquely suited to help you with your SMT and Semiconductor machine and materials needs because we think like you (like process and manufacturing engineers). In this way, we are best able to understand and recommend machines and material to fit almost any production challenge you have to deal with - either SMT or Semiconductor. We also carry only the best products and materials suppliers. This enables us to come up the real processing solutions you are looking for. We may be sales agents, but we carry the best products and materials because it's our goal to put YOUR NEEDS first.

  • pictureThe EMC3 Group promises to offer you the best pre-sales advice - and we'll never divulge any proprietary or sensitive "new process" information you may have.
  • pictureOnce you machines and/or materials are shipped and arrive at your location, we come to your factory - to ensure that your installation and/or the material verification process goes as specified.
  • pictureIf an installation or process verification is not going as desired, we will advocate strongly on your behalf to correct any situation as rapidly as possible.
  • pictureThe EMC3 Group also promises to do everything it can to ensure that your company gets only the best service and support from our principles AFTER initial installation and acceptance has been completed.

The EMC3 Group: We're here to ensure that you're successful at any project we work together on!

What Our Clients Say About Us...

"For over 10 years, I worked with The EMC3 Group, and no matter what the situation, they were could handle many installation and processing issues as effectively as engineers and our own field service personnel. This level of ability is rare for sales representatives. This is why I highly recommend them to represent any companies products. You will not be disappointed."

- Stephen Dow, Past Marketing Director of Vitronics Corp. and currently a Digital Marketing Consultant.

"We've worked with the EMC3 Group for our prototyping and low volume assembly needs for over 12 years. They've always recommended products and solutions that made our operation run smoothly. Even when we were faced with difficult situations, they were always there to help us find solutions BEFORE the manufactures of the products or materials. They take their customers needs and long-term relationships very seriously."

- Ron Wadson, Engineering Mgr, (Anonymous)